Raise to Ring Fund

Philadelphia Baseball Training is very excited to announce the creation of the PBT Raise to Ring Fund, in partnership with Sow Good Now, as well as hosting our inaugural giveback event this fall! We recognize that as a local youth sports organization, we serve a much greater community that transcends so much more than what goes on between the lines and we recognize that we have an opportunity & a responsibility to serve this community in a much more impactful way. Therefore, this donor-advised fund was established to build relationships and partner with local organizations to ensure a better future for all.


We have partnered with Sow Good Now (SGN), a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to help us achieve our objectives. Sow Good Now’s mission is to grow the next generation of philanthropic athletes and teach them the values of giving back at a young age. At PBT, we recognize that we have a great opportunity with the young men we have in our program and we see three benefits to establishing this fund:

  1. To allow our athletes to learn the value of giving back to their community at a young age and allow them to share their unique talents & gifts with those who might not have the same opportunities or resources
  2. To partner with local organizations and work with young kids that will allow us to assist in many facets, specifically through our love of the game of baseball
  3. To raise funds to allow us to assist these organizations in a concrete way 

Research shows that monetary donations, coupled with active participation, results in longer, more impactful experiences for those giving of themselves than those who are not actively participating. That is why we want to give our athletes the opportunity to learn the values of philanthropy at a young age. We hope that each of our young men understands the talents & gifts that they have been given and that they have a great opportunity to share those talents to benefit their entire community and all of those around them.