Youth Summer Camp

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Camp Hours


  • Drop Off between 8:45-9:00 AM

  • Enter through the driveway next to field 1

  • Parents will be instructed where to stop and drop off campers.  Parents can continue down the driveway to exit.

  • Pick up between 12:55-1:05 PM

    • Enter through the driveway next to field 1

    • PBT Staff will direct campers to family member cars upon arrival

Camp Activities

Daily instruction in athletic movements, throwing, fielding, hitting, and baserunning. Our camp staff is committed to providing the best possible experience each day while helping every player learn and improve their baseball skills.

What to bring

  • Baseball Equipment (Bat, Glove, Helmet, Cleats, Hat)

  • Water or Gatorade (PBT will not provide beverages, this includes community water-coolers)

  • Snack- We will have two 15 minute breaks for the players to cool down. We suggest packing a light snack for these breaks.

Camp Attire

  • Baseball Pants

  • Jersey or Shirt

  • Shoes & Cleats

  • Thursday & Friday wear your favorite jersey!