An environment for our athletes to train and improve their athletic performance


Training Description

PBT is partnering with Paul Bunyan Fitness to combine baseball-specific workouts and athletic performance training. In baseball, it is more apparent, now, than ever that in order to maximize athletic performance and health on the field players must combine physical training and baseball fundamental training. Baseball is a heavy rotational sport that requires a lot of stress to different parts of the body and, as we have all seen or experienced, injuries come in all forms and severities. In order to prevent injuries, increase strength, and increase a player's development path it is imperative to understand that physical training goes hand in hand with athletic performance. The earlier a player is exposed to that type of environment the more prepared they will be as they rise in age and level of play. This will be an intense program that requires the player to have a strong desire and commitment to developing their baseball skills and overall strength and athleticism.

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Youth & Middle School - $499 | High School - $899


Alex Diggory

  • 9+ years of experience in the private and collegiate setting of sports performance.
  • Graduated from West Chester University with a degree in kinesiology.
  • Started the S&C program at WCU for football and men's & women's track and field.
  • Designs and executes off-season training program for former Phillies ace Cole Hamels and SJU Baseball.

Brendan Erne

  • Serves as Head Sports Performance Coach with PBAP.
  • Spent one year as the Director of Performance for a private facility in northern Delaware.
  • Spent a full year working in Liberty University‚Äôs athletic performance department as an assistant coach under and alongside a number of amazing sports performance coaches, sport coaches, athletic trainers, performance nutritionists, and other sports medicine staff.

Training Schedule

Baseball-Specific Workouts will be held at Newtown Edgmont LL


Athletic-Performance Workouts will be held at Paul Bunyan Fitness